Cemetary and TVB

The morning after my drinking spree was beyond descriptions. Let’s just say it was really bad..

I threw up¬†2 more times and went to the Cheung ancestral cemetary up on the hilltop. We walked a few flights of stairs to go to 4 different graves. We weren’t allowed to take pictures up there but I did it at the entrance anyway. We walked up to where the red tower is… I puked before I went up. So did Priscilla.

After that. I couldn’t take it anymore and had to go home.. Next morning, we went to the TVB station and I was still hungover..

We went for breakfast at a Chinese place and I had rice noodles with meat and veggies.. =X Don’t worry Leanne, very little of the rice noodles. ūüėČ Does anyone see John and Yoko?

Here’s where they film the ever so popular game show with the celebs. Also the crazy light installations on the ceiling.

Here is where they film the series from ancient times. (Lil bro Andrew was so excited).

It was a pretty long day and I had dinner with my Grandma and my mother’s side of the family. Look what I found!! A girl in a full on Carlsberg uniform when it wasn’t even Denmark!

My mother got very mad at me by the end of this trip cause I only spent 2 days out of 5 with my grandma.. So stressful!! Hence the forehead pimples..Which I am very reluctant to show anyone..

End of the trip. With a little snippet missing here and there but that’s where the fun is! =D

Here’s my cousin and I feeling very sad inside to part ways once more..¬†


Maggie and Sai.

The wedding was quite grueling for the first half. The bride’s side of the family all waited for the groom to come. Here she is getting her make up done.

The very alike father and son. (Habit-wise)

The grown-ups.
Maggie, Carina and I.
Some special ceremony I forgot to pay attention to. Very touching.. Yes..
So the groomsmen had to bribe the bridesmaids to let them in. It included red pocket-money and some crazy ass games. Here they are in lingerie..
Push ups, eating strawberries with cream.
There’s nothing like brotherly support with hands on your ass. Something about kissing a picture that’s really high up on the wall.Running around the city to get signatures from uniform wearing workers… Reciting cheesy Celine Dion lyrics into Cantonese. LOL!
All that hard work…Together at last.
Tea Ceremony as I predicted.
Everyone together once more before I had to go back to the hotel and pass out. But where’s weird cutie Kam?
I missed a few events so here I am before the wedding banquet at night. =D I want to get my hair permanently like this.
Here’s the feast… Which I ..didn’t really feast on.. =<
The after party with all the cousins… Yea.. I shouldn’t have drank so much. I definitely learned my lesson this time..
I puked in the hotel bathroom stall, then back at my room and the morning after a few more times.. Literally it was like ‘Oh no baby.. It’s coming.. It’s coming!!’
This all happened on Friday, January the 22nd.

It’s Bang-Cock, as Justin would say

These few days have been so busy and fun.

Before my trip to Asia, we celebrated my crazy cousin Justin’s birthday. Here’s his very masculine birthday cake which I only had a tiny sliver of. Usually I don’t take pictures of food but this looks pretty good and Justin kept dodging the camera so…. if you can dodge a car, you can dodge a ball.

I left on Monday for Bangkok, and I arrived 2am Bangkok time on a Wednesday. Where’d my Tuesday go?

My mother and I transferred from Vancouver to Beijing. We part ways and bid adieu cause she went to Hong Kong first and I had to go to Thailand. Even though we were going to see each other in 2 days she got a little misty-eyed, which I thought was so cute! The Beijing airport is HUGE. I had a few whiskey sours cause I wanted to pass out on the plane.. It didn’t work and just made me alcohol sugar crash.¬†Bangkok’s luggage claim area has an overwhelmingly large mural of … I have no clue.. Maybe someone can educate me?

At 2am, I had to go to the apartment hotel I was staying in. I’m running low on time so I’m cutting this section short. Basic summary of what went on in Bangkok was: Things are crazy cheap. 1 bottle of water = 7 baht, 100 baht = 3 dollars. You do the math. 7-eleven has actual pork buns.

I woke up early in the morning and had a workout. Oh so strenuous. Then *snap snap. Before my flight at 4pm to HK, I got myself a foot massage and a Thai massage quick like a thunderbolt.

I didn’t sleep on the aircraft again. God save me.

We arrived in HK and all I can say is, things are pretty cool here. My skin gets nice and radiant cause of the hard water. WOOT WOOT! I had a Skype call with some clients at 1am so I had to stay up. Before that I met with my cousin who looks like Garfield¬†(My mom’s reference, I cannot find the connection but I like it). Next day I woke up at 6am, I couldn’t fall back to sleep!! So I screwed around for a little bit and went to do a Hatha yoga class. I felt my spine crack at every single vertebrae when I was doing an intense spinal twisting move, me likey. Walking back from class to the hotel, there was a new installation of the adidas x star wars store display. I don’t know what’s with Asians and collaborations but it’s cool.

Yea.. I didn’t really want to take a picture

After that I met with the Cheungs for dinner. They had a LOT of food.. WOOT WOOT!! I was extremely exhausted already and pretty much losing my mind. I don’t know why but like a reflex, I said woot woot!! and pumped my hands in the air for anything said that intrigued me. I can’t seem to upload photos right now.. but it’s all good. After dinner we went to Maggie’s hotel room at Shangri-La to hang out. Maggie is the bride and she’s the reason I went on this trip. The Chinese has a weird tradition of hair combing and candles and shit the night before the wedding. I do not know the process and I hope I don’t have to go through it cause I think it’s kind of freaky (not the good kind of freaky). Andrew and I wanted to go for a drink but we didn’t want Uncle Ricky to tag along, so Uncle Ricky and my cousins walked me back to where I stayed. Then we met up afterwards. Aqua spirit was apparently the only decent place in Tsim Sha Tsui .. But honestly, it kinda sucked. The whiskey sours are awful. The place had a kick-ass view and a decent DJ though. Going home, I was pretty tipsy already and I only had a couple drinks… I think they have more alcohol in their drinks than Canada. I went to 7-eleven to get more water and aspirin. My trick to avoid hangovers is to pop an aspiring or two (depending on how drunk I am) before I sleep. It works like a charm. The problem is, after taking the aspirin or flu medicine (which I thought was the equivalent to advil) I realized it had caffeine in it.. So of course, I woke up at 4 am and couldn’t sleep. So I closed my eyes till 6am. I was going to work out but I felt sick. According to Leanne, I shouldn’t work out if it’s below the neck so I wrote this blog entry.

Now I have to go get ready for the wedding. In the morning groomsmen go to get the bride and there’s a whole set of traditions for that. Basically it includes bribing the bridesmaids with money and doing stupid shit (games) to get into the room where the bride is. Then there’s a tea ceremony… I don’t even know what else goes on but I guess I’ll find out today. I hope I feel better and can do some more shopping here during the break period.

woot woot!!!

The night is young but I feel so old

Indeed, yoga was¬†spiritual (read my last entry). I¬†finally got some peace and quiet in my mind so it definitely filled up the spiritual void. I was 100% with my regime today because batter up!! Work will come soon and I don’t just want those rock-hard killer abs, I NEED them.

Although I was good with my physical regime today, the other things were off. I didn’t have enough time to work on my art. My mother summoned for me to go home for dinner. I knew I shouldn’t have gone cause there was something ominous in the air before I went home for dinner already. I had a headache, a bloated abdomen and a 4-year-old nephew who head butted my crotch then air¬†punched (victory dance?).

Anyone wondering what I eat to get skinny but stay healthy, here’s a sample day.

10am- Oatmeal (instant with under 9 g of sugar) and egg-white omelet with spinach for breakfast. Matcha tea.

12pm- 55 min noon stroll in the forest and taking snaps of inspo here and there.

130pm- Dentist appointment. Dr Bessie claimed that my teeth were healthy and stereotyping is okay cause most Asians have a jet bite.

230pm- Snack time! Fortified soymilk with matcha powder ( Anyone reading this, I recommend checking up on the benefits of this green powder that resembles the color of moss) and some almonds. I also remembered my daily multi-V.

430pm- Wild Sockeye salmon sashimi with Gomae (my fav)                                and a very small piece of dark chocolate.

630pm- For dinner I had lots of Chinese vegetables (5-spice stewed chestnuts and shiitake, Bok choy and other weird veggies I do not know the name of). No protein cause I’m planning to go to Lickerish with Sandra and I will have meat there. But since Sandra is asleep again, I don’t know when she will wake up. In one hour? 16? 36? You never know with that one cause she could be like a tranquillized farm animal sometimes. We’ll see what happens later…

Here’s the lovely 4-year-old.

the beginning is the end is the beginning

Finally the waiting days are over and I’m back on track with my modelling career. I feel pretty confident about my body now and it’s all thanks to Leanne Babcock (my off-the-hook personal trainer at team fitness). Along with the perfect measurements, she gave me reminder of writing a blog. “It would be nice for you to have a blog so you can keep track of what you’re doing! It’s fun to look back to. Touch base with the 5 areas in your life. Mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and.. ” I always manage to forget one thing from the list so I’ll have to come back to this.. Apparently it’s some form of journal writing that is therapeutic by…. I can’t remember names either. Something to note is that Leanne always has a huge smile on her face and I can’t decipher whether it’s genuine or the caffeine rush her coffee from Timmy’s give her….

Here we go.How I feel today. I feel a bunch of things. Anxious, excited, happy, hyper, horny, relaxed and now tired.Anxious, excited and happy because of the shoot I did today. It was totally last-minute and very fun..Hyper and horny cause of the green tea I just had. Relaxed and tired cause I’m laying in bed.. ohoh, one more.. sad cause of a dear friend who ran away to asia. Please Sandy, remember not to be forgetful! ¬†And sorry I couldn’t see you off at the airport today! I’ll miss you. We look good together!

Some pictures from the shoot and it’s the first time I ever styled (thanks to Grace’s confidence in me). Here they are, they haven’t been retouched at all! Promise! I hope you don’t mind, my dear Grace.

Next comes the ‘physical’ part. I want to get extremely toned abs like Abbey Lee Kershaw. Here’s a picture

Other than that, not bad, quite robust in fact.

I have no patience for spirituality now.. Tomorrow I will, when I’m doing yoga with my favourite (and cutest) yoga instructor, Shalon (also at team fitness).

For my mental state, I have to say I have improved dramatically. Loneliness and the feeling of becoming a carcass have dissipated. I’m just enjoying life day by day and finding inspiring things, whether real or fantasized….

I think the fifth subject I’m supposed to think of¬†what I want to do next. ¬†What I want to do next is to get off my lazy ass and work on some drawings. ¬†Now.