Things that I want always seem to collapse onto me at the same time.. leaving me desperate for the right decision.

I can’t help but feel ambushed.

Since my arrival in Los Angeles, there has been a whirlwind of events. I can’t help but think about where my life has brought me so far. I’m not satisfied and I don’t know when I will be. People are taking advantage of me, while I’m taking advantage of them. That’s the way it goes…… I guess I’ll just view it as we’re watching each others’ backs.

On a brighter note, Sally hooked me up at his friend’s place in Beverly Hills. Mansions are scary and they remind me of the mario ghost buster game I played when I was a youngin’. This place has a chill vibe so there’s nothing to worry about. To respect the privacy of Georgie I’m not posting pics of his home… Ernalda the Indonesian girl who works here is cool. She had lunch with her girlfriends and went shopping today. A day in life..


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