Cause “if you ain’t cowboy, you ain’t shit”.

With no rain coming towards this drought till mid summer (according to my horoscopes) I have to keep my head up and just be myself. Call me superstitious, gullible, whatever but I totally feel what I read is what I’m experiencing.

I’m surviving a 6 hour layover right now so I’m using this time to clear up my mind setting up a good conscience.

If all goes as planned with me staying strong, then I will go to LA very shortly to intern for Acne and to gain some verr much needed experience.  I will build something for myself as I feel I have no life right now. Then in a month, mid march, I will go to London and work my ass off to continue my modeling career.

Despite my incompetency to cope with tropical weather, this is such a good way to end a vacation I really needed. I feel entirely recharged from the psychological turmoil and restored my elated thrust-filled gust to live life again.

I’m preparing to be open to new people and less like the hermit I was before.

I will free myself from comparing with others and feeling pressured. Eating healthy and exercising (yoga especially) will help me with this.

Most important of all, I will learn to be patient with trouble and accept whatever comes; coping with delicately processed, effective solutions.

I need to be appreciative of the ones genuine and therefore dear to me. (Treat them with respect and gratitude when necessary. Also keeping my temper intact when stressed).

Good thing I’m writing this down so I can check back to it and motivate myself. (Give myself a little substance).

I sound like I have a lot of problems right now, but it will all pass this minute as flip my thought processes around.

Cause “if you ain’t cowboy, you ain’t shit”.


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