Cemetary and TVB

The morning after my drinking spree was beyond descriptions. Let’s just say it was really bad..

I threw up 2 more times and went to the Cheung ancestral cemetary up on the hilltop. We walked a few flights of stairs to go to 4 different graves. We weren’t allowed to take pictures up there but I did it at the entrance anyway. We walked up to where the red tower is… I puked before I went up. So did Priscilla.

After that. I couldn’t take it anymore and had to go home.. Next morning, we went to the TVB station and I was still hungover..

We went for breakfast at a Chinese place and I had rice noodles with meat and veggies.. =X Don’t worry Leanne, very little of the rice noodles. 😉 Does anyone see John and Yoko?

Here’s where they film the ever so popular game show with the celebs. Also the crazy light installations on the ceiling.

Here is where they film the series from ancient times. (Lil bro Andrew was so excited).

It was a pretty long day and I had dinner with my Grandma and my mother’s side of the family. Look what I found!! A girl in a full on Carlsberg uniform when it wasn’t even Denmark!

My mother got very mad at me by the end of this trip cause I only spent 2 days out of 5 with my grandma.. So stressful!! Hence the forehead pimples..Which I am very reluctant to show anyone..

End of the trip. With a little snippet missing here and there but that’s where the fun is! =D

Here’s my cousin and I feeling very sad inside to part ways once more.. 


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