BANG NA!!!!!

A couple days passed in Bangkok and it’s time for some music festival with Danish and Thai friends!

I decided to try on some color contacts I bought and they make me look like a rodent! (Sorry black boar).

The music festival turned out to be a Dance music festival. It had 5 separate stages which looked overwhelming. Some DJ’s were really making me pull my moves out of my closet. I stowed them when I was in Vancouver cause the DJs there suck.  Now I am stuck with Suede’s ‘Beautiful ones’ in my head!!

Big momma with the crazy good dance moves after chugging Sang Som (80% alcohol Thai Rum) and drunk Pythagoras.



Here I am with brown colored contacts and enlarged iris’s.. AKA Squirelly Steph

Pythagoras sitting on Gene and taking a drag.

Let’s go home! I was too afraid to go through a virulent hangover again so I didn’t have enough stamina to stay through the end..

I miss Mami!!!!!


One response to “BANG NA!!!!!

  1. When are you coming home??? We miss you at Team Fitness… I hope you are getting your workouts in and following your meal plan guidelines! Sounds like you are having a wicked time! Leaanexxoo

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