Maggie and Sai.

The wedding was quite grueling for the first half. The bride’s side of the family all waited for the groom to come. Here she is getting her make up done.

The very alike father and son. (Habit-wise)

The grown-ups.
Maggie, Carina and I.
Some special ceremony I forgot to pay attention to. Very touching.. Yes..
So the groomsmen had to bribe the bridesmaids to let them in. It included red pocket-money and some crazy ass games. Here they are in lingerie..
Push ups, eating strawberries with cream.
There’s nothing like brotherly support with hands on your ass. Something about kissing a picture that’s really high up on the wall.Running around the city to get signatures from uniform wearing workers… Reciting cheesy Celine Dion lyrics into Cantonese. LOL!
All that hard work…Together at last.
Tea Ceremony as I predicted.
Everyone together once more before I had to go back to the hotel and pass out. But where’s weird cutie Kam?
I missed a few events so here I am before the wedding banquet at night. =D I want to get my hair permanently like this.
Here’s the feast… Which I ..didn’t really feast on.. =<
The after party with all the cousins… Yea.. I shouldn’t have drank so much. I definitely learned my lesson this time..
I puked in the hotel bathroom stall, then back at my room and the morning after a few more times.. Literally it was like ‘Oh no baby.. It’s coming.. It’s coming!!’
This all happened on Friday, January the 22nd.

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