The night is young but I feel so old

Indeed, yoga was spiritual (read my last entry). I finally got some peace and quiet in my mind so it definitely filled up the spiritual void. I was 100% with my regime today because batter up!! Work will come soon and I don’t just want those rock-hard killer abs, I NEED them.

Although I was good with my physical regime today, the other things were off. I didn’t have enough time to work on my art. My mother summoned for me to go home for dinner. I knew I shouldn’t have gone cause there was something ominous in the air before I went home for dinner already. I had a headache, a bloated abdomen and a 4-year-old nephew who head butted my crotch then air punched (victory dance?).

Anyone wondering what I eat to get skinny but stay healthy, here’s a sample day.

10am- Oatmeal (instant with under 9 g of sugar) and egg-white omelet with spinach for breakfast. Matcha tea.

12pm- 55 min noon stroll in the forest and taking snaps of inspo here and there.

130pm- Dentist appointment. Dr Bessie claimed that my teeth were healthy and stereotyping is okay cause most Asians have a jet bite.

230pm- Snack time! Fortified soymilk with matcha powder ( Anyone reading this, I recommend checking up on the benefits of this green powder that resembles the color of moss) and some almonds. I also remembered my daily multi-V.

430pm- Wild Sockeye salmon sashimi with Gomae (my fav)                                and a very small piece of dark chocolate.

630pm- For dinner I had lots of Chinese vegetables (5-spice stewed chestnuts and shiitake, Bok choy and other weird veggies I do not know the name of). No protein cause I’m planning to go to Lickerish with Sandra and I will have meat there. But since Sandra is asleep again, I don’t know when she will wake up. In one hour? 16? 36? You never know with that one cause she could be like a tranquillized farm animal sometimes. We’ll see what happens later…

Here’s the lovely 4-year-old.


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