the beginning is the end is the beginning

Finally the waiting days are over and I’m back on track with my modelling career. I feel pretty confident about my body now and it’s all thanks to Leanne Babcock (my off-the-hook personal trainer at team fitness). Along with the perfect measurements, she gave me reminder of writing a blog. “It would be nice for you to have a blog so you can keep track of what you’re doing! It’s fun to look back to. Touch base with the 5 areas in your life. Mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and.. ” I always manage to forget one thing from the list so I’ll have to come back to this.. Apparently it’s some form of journal writing that is therapeutic by…. I can’t remember names either. Something to note is that Leanne always has a huge smile on her face and I can’t decipher whether it’s genuine or the caffeine rush her coffee from Timmy’s give her….

Here we go.How I feel today. I feel a bunch of things. Anxious, excited, happy, hyper, horny, relaxed and now tired.Anxious, excited and happy because of the shoot I did today. It was totally last-minute and very fun..Hyper and horny cause of the green tea I just had. Relaxed and tired cause I’m laying in bed.. ohoh, one more.. sad cause of a dear friend who ran away to asia. Please Sandy, remember not to be forgetful!  And sorry I couldn’t see you off at the airport today! I’ll miss you. We look good together!

Some pictures from the shoot and it’s the first time I ever styled (thanks to Grace’s confidence in me). Here they are, they haven’t been retouched at all! Promise! I hope you don’t mind, my dear Grace.

Next comes the ‘physical’ part. I want to get extremely toned abs like Abbey Lee Kershaw. Here’s a picture

Other than that, not bad, quite robust in fact.

I have no patience for spirituality now.. Tomorrow I will, when I’m doing yoga with my favourite (and cutest) yoga instructor, Shalon (also at team fitness).

For my mental state, I have to say I have improved dramatically. Loneliness and the feeling of becoming a carcass have dissipated. I’m just enjoying life day by day and finding inspiring things, whether real or fantasized….

I think the fifth subject I’m supposed to think of what I want to do next.  What I want to do next is to get off my lazy ass and work on some drawings.  Now.


5 responses to “the beginning is the end is the beginning

  1. Hi Stephanie…my fave client!!!
    You are perfect..and it is called “Mind Mapping” that I was talking to you about. I am pumped you are doing this…your life is so very interesting and full of zest! And yes….my smile is all genuine, but the Timmies dddddoes help:)

  2. Hi Beautiful!!! I just read your blog and I loved it…. I laughed so hard about your little nephew I hope he didnt hurt you to bad. I wish you a safe and enlightening trip to New York .I hope it is full of love, happiness and success.. Keep in touch and don’t forget to meditate:)


  3. steph you are amazing <3. love that you finally started a blog :D!!

    your #1 fan ;).

  4. wtf, that aint abs, those are just…

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